A Piece of Eternity

One day I was fixing a wall
Wrote my name inside before I closed it all
In the hopes to buy a piece of eternity

Totally forgettable while I’m here
Totally forgotten when I’m gone
Damn no, I wanna piece of eternity

Never wanna die
Wanna leave my mark I don’t know why
Just give me a piece of eternity

I wish I could give to the world
A few words that were never heard
And trade my fifteen minutes for eternity

I want fame am I to blame?
But you say, that with an empty life it wouldn’t be the same
Don’t care just want my piece of eternity

I don’t want a child
I can’t tell you, I can’t say why
But I still want a piece of eternity

What if I fail, what if I simply fade away?
What if someone never opens that wall one day?
Will I be remembered by somebody somewhere?
If so I could believe I’ve done my share

Is this really what I need anyway
I was told before that there was something more
Than just getting a piece of eternity

So one day I just hope you will say
I could thank this guy for what he brought my way
And then I would‘ve earned my piece of eternity

Never wanna die
Wanna leave my mark I don’t know why
Just give me a piece
Just give me a piece
All I want is a piece of eternity

This song is for posterity.

This song started as an upbeat one. Then one day, probably to verify a chord change, we played it slow. We liked it and kept it that way. This slower tempo suits the theme and the melody better.

Gab worked hard on this one. In studio he played practically all the guitar tracks. His arrangements made it a definite guitar song.

Is the intro an Ode to the Stones? Well, thank you Keith and the guys for such great riffs that are fun to play.

About the text, who doesn’t want to be remembered?
Mr. Warhol, do 15 minutes really quite cut it?
Isn’t a child the ultimate piece of eternity?

Food for thought.