It took us quite awhile to complete this album but we’ve finally reached the finish line. Maybe it’s a good thing it took some time. We wouldn't have been able to write the lyrics and music of these songs without acquiring a little maturity. Humm… enough said.

So, to all the people that we met, that we remember, that we love or hate, that landed or crash landed into our lives, we would like to say thank you. You were and still are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. If you listen carefully, you will find, here and there, little pieces of you in our songs. So please keep bringing us joy, pain and a little... wisdom?

Hope you’ll like the album as much as we do.


The Disposable Idols are:
Gab: Lead Guitar
J-P: Drums & Percs
Pat: Vocals & Guitar
Sly: Bass & Vocals


Recorded by diGitum
Recorded at Audio Zone, Montreal QC, Canada
Additional studio work by Leonardo Lamela
Mixed by Francis Gagné
Mixed at Progressive Acoustics Studio, Montreal, QC, Canada
Additional mixing by Fred Bouchard assisted by Don Murnaghan
Additional mixing executed at Studio Frisson, Montreal, QC, Canada
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC, USA

This is a seft-financed and self-produced album, the result of teamwork and input from all involved.

Copyrights. All rights reserved. All songs: music by ©The Disposable Idols, lyrics by ©Pat Gill 2005-2011, except Release Me: ©Dub Williams/Eddie Miller/Robert Yount, Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music (BMI) administered in Canada by Sony/ATV Music Publishing Canada (SOCAN). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Unauthorized reproduction, copying and/or rental of this recording is prohibited by Law.


Graphic design: Micah Lockhart
Programming: Stéphane Lam
Comments: Pat
English texts revision: Diane Dever & Nicola Doyle
French texts revision: Micheline Bertrand
Japanese translation: Chris Dever
Japanese translation revision: Stephen Keller
Spanish translation revision: Leonardo Lamela

Song lyrics were kept in their original language voluntarily.


Benjamin Von Wong: cover & splash page. Art work entitled « Curve Me ».
Benoit Beaupré: Pain Pain Pain, Pat on Band page.
Daniel Bienvenue: Release Me, Nothing In Return, Run Run Hide Hide, Gab, J-P and Sly on Band page.
Nadia des Ormeaux: Blue Angel Café.
Other pictures taken by the band.


Our families for their support and understanding. There were quite a few evenings and weekends when we weren’t there for them, rehearsing or recording instead. Also, thanks to the brother who took the time to teach his little bro how to play Bass and thanks to the moms & dads who even though they weren’t into music, still bought their kids a musical instrument for their birthday. Now, when we do a show, they support us as well as fans, friends, girlfriends and kids. Thanks sincerely to all of you from all of us and Sly, the spiritual member of the band, would surely like to add « God Bless ».


The whole gang at Audio Zone for finding us studio time in their tight schedule, Julie Chartrand for the studio set-ups and Robert Bob Labrosse for allowing us to use the facilities. Eric Ferron at Karisma Audio, always willing to lend us some « toys » to record with. Diane Dever for finding us a clothes sponsor when we needed to look good on stage. Christian Thomas for his valuable input and coaching. François Beauchamp for designing our first band logo and poster. Michel Beaudoin at Pixcom for the use of a video suite. Simon Henri and Lucie Bourgouin at Permission Inc for their help. Fred Bouchard, Don Murnaghan and Ted Jensen for their advice. Benjamin Von Wong for granting us a license to use his work. Francis Gagné, diGitum and Micah Lockhart for their creativity and patience.

The band would also like to mention the awesome work of Robert Ruffo, who directed our first video, as well as Amber Lomer’s brilliant camera work. Without their unconditional involvement and passion it wouldn’t have been possible for us to have such a great product. We would also like to express our gratitude to Vince Benvenuto and Christina Sciortino, the video’s main actors, and also to the fifty-two extras who kept on giving their maximum during the shooting. Amazing when you consider the unbelievable amount of hours of work in a row they had to go through. These thanks are extended to Robert Ruffo’s crew as well. Please take the time to read the credits at the end of the video. To all mentioned, sincerely, thank you.

Finally we would like to salute a few great craftmen and visionairies that created such wonderful tools to express ourselves with : Ray Ayotte, Leo Fender, George Furlanetto, Orville H. Gibson, Jim Marshall O.B.E., Ted McCarty, Les Paul, Paul Reed Smith.

The Disposable Idols